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New Zealand Herald, May 1st, 2008
On their bikes to help out PO Box holders

PO Box holders can now remove themselves from the hassle of clearing their PO Box each and every morning.

PO Box Couriers, an Auckland based courier company, now specializes in delivering businesses’ private box mail straight to their office.

By using only cyclist couriers and delivering mail to clusters of businesses, PO Box Couriers has achieved an economy of scale allowing customers to receive the PO Box or DX Box mail at an exceptionally affordable rate.

"We certainly didn’t start out with the intention of making a lot of money," says managing director Hugo Phillipps, "we simply had a passion for cycling and thought we could help take a few cars of the road." Taking a few cars off the road would be an understatement, with the company now servicing over 100 private boxes in Auckland City.

PO Box Couriers’ clients have a number of options available regarding how they receive their PO Box mail. Mail can be delivered from as early as 7am and can arrive consistently in a 30 minute window each morning set by the client.

In addition to having your PO Box mail delivered you can also have your outbound mail picked up and posted in the afternoon. "We ultimately want to improve the way businesses communicate, and I think we have found an ethical and environmentally friendly way to do just that," says Tom Price, co-founder of PO Box Couriers.

The company will give a free 3 day trial of their service to any interested businesses.


“Having our PO Box mail delivered straight to our office every day has saved us $2394 per year.” Mike Phillipps – Green Room Chambers.

“For the last 2 years I have never had to worry about the hassle of collecting my PO Box mail. The service provided by PO Box Couriers has no doubt saved me countless hours and dollars.” Robert Glasgow, Vantage Consulting