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About Us

PO Box Couriers Mission Statement
‘To be the leading provider of mail delivery and collection services in New Zealand’

PO Box Couriers’ Core Values
  1. Customer Focus: We always put our customers ahead of everything else.
  2. Team Focus: We always put our team ahead of anything other than our customers.
  3. Company Focus: We are always conscious of the fact that profits are integral in serving our customers to the best of our ability and sustaining the wellbeing of our team.
  4. Improvement Focus: We always endeavour to improve on what we do through creativity, testing, acquisition and innovation in our constant commitment to excellence.
  5. Systems Focus: We always look to our systems for a solution and always develop system solutions instead of people solutions. We always follow our systems exactly until a new system has been designed. We always suggest system improvements without hesitation.
  6. The only rule of our company is that we are 100% committed and dedicated to preserving our core values while stimulating progress.


As of 1st August 2009, Urgent Couriers has acquired PO Box Couriers. All existing PO Box couriers will be continuing on as contractors, and have been offered contracts at Urgent Couriers. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about the full range of services we can now offer.

If you are looking for a courier company which specializes in delivery/collection work that needs to be carried out on a consistent basis, then PO Box Couriers is the company for you.

Founded in March 2007 by Auckland renowned entrepreneurs Hugo Phillipps and Tom Price, PO Box Couriers was formed with the intention of offering companies within the CBD an affordable and efficient solution to daily PO Box mail collection.

With the help of a panel of advisers with over 300 combined years of industry experience, Hugo and Tom’s passion for cycling and saving the environment will undoubtedly lead PO Box Couriers to fulfill its vision of providing the most consistent and reliable mail delivery service in New Zealand.

How it began

To manifest such a unique concept, the infant company looked into all sorts of possibilities ranging from contracting posties on foot to using a delivery van to deliver mail. Through a bizarre twist of fate, Hugo and Tom’s existing passion for cycling led them to take a ‘recreational’ ride around Auckland’s CBD.

Suddenly they realized that they could not only deliver PO Box mail in record time, but they could take cars off the road by doing so.

Because businesses are located very close to one another due the density of Auckland’s CBD, it became clear that the company could achieve an economy of scale when delivering mail.

This meant one thing: clients could receive their mail at the cheapest rate on the market, while still allowing the idea to be financially viable.

Not only could PO Box couriers provide an exceptional service, but it could also help save the environment, and help businesses save money.

And so PO Box Couriers was born.