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“I have been working as a contractor for PO Box Couriers for nearly 2 years and absolutely love it. Nothing beats the freedom of cycling each morning”, - Simon Rouse, cyclist courier for PO Box Couriers

Working as a contractor for PO Box Couriers can be exceptionally rewarding and we are one of the most popular courier companies to work for in NZ. Consequently we scrutinize each application very carefully before deciding upon who we should hire as a contractor.

The environment within PO Box Couriers is reflected by nothing more than our core values of customer focus, team focus, company focus, improvement focus, systems focus and a commitment to our purpose. However, working for PO Box Couriers is not for everyone. If you feel you possess the following qualities we would absolutely love for you to join our team. If you feel that your personality does not fit within our requirements then please do not apply.

Reliable: You must be 100% reliable if you wish to work for PO Box Couriers. If you commit to working 5 days per week we expect you to be able to work 5 days per week with no exceptions. (Unless under extreme circumstances)

Customer Focused: You must be a person who is willing to interact with PO Box Couriers clients and represent the company to the best of your ability.

Responsible: All of our contractors are given the huge responsibility of dealing with our clients’ mail. You must be prepared to be held responsible for the completion of the deliveries assigned to you. We expect you to take complete ownership of your deliveries and the clients you service.

Systems Oriented: You have complete freedom to perform you deliveries in whatever way you wish and by taking whatever route you wish. All we ask is that you 100% follow the basic systems we give you. E.G. we ALWAYS expect you to smile and greet our clients when delivering their mail.

Team Focused: Although you will perform the majority of your work alone, you must be prepared to work with other team members and to train new contractors if required.

Fun Loving: Be prepared to absolutely love your work – (because we know you will)

***Currently, we have no positions available in our vehicle or pushbike fleet***